Internet Of Thing (IoT)

Cutting Edge Technologies

IoT Platform has been developed using cutting edge technologies with artificial intelligence supported big data by infrastructure. The IoT Platform allows you to manage 10 different modules from personnel and forklift tracking to energy monitoring, from machine and production tracking to predictive maintenance with a centralized infrastructure and panel. Your IoT projects are completed with the highest efficiency and success.

TIBBO & AggreGate

End-to-End IoT Platform

We are coupled with Entek company for the solution development for any IOT needs. We can design and produce custom sensors and also use TIBBO and AggreGate platform for e2e solutions.

Tibbo Project System (TPS) is a highly configurable and affordable industrial automation platform. Its flexibility is based on Tibbits® — miniature electronic blocks that implement specific I/O features. Need a certain I/O function? Install the right Tibbit. Have no use for something? There is no need to have it in your device.

AggreGate is an Internet of Things integration platform that enables quick solution for five aims of any IoT application: data acquisition, storage, processing, visualization and enterprise application integration. In contrast to other solutions that provide underlying infrastructure and SDKs for vertical application development, AggreGate ensures end-to-end coverage by offering visual development tools for designing end-user UIs as well as server-side processing chains.
The vendor-agnostic M2M Platform includes hundreds of device drivers enabling connection of any industrial or consumer IoT device. Besides using driver-based data normalization, AggreGate enables acquiring data via external or embedded Agents, device-side protocol converters that provide data buffering and server communications optimized for unreliable low-bandwidth cellular and satellite communications.

IoT and Industry 4.0 Services

Cost Benefit

Ability to analyze energy consumption, process optimization, machine, and personnel working hours instantly and control your costs.

Increase Efficiency

With instant tracking of assets, equipment and personnel, and controlling of environmental conditions, you can monitor your operations in real-time and manage them most effectively with interactive dashboards and detailed reports.

Improve Quality

Ability to perform effective process management via ensuring machine, work and worker safety, and prevent malfunctions proactively. Ability to identify areas of improvement by collecting feedback and measuring customer satisfaction.