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Our company is a group of professional consultants and strategists. We have helped clients from various fields, from ecommerce to petroleum industries. We are known for delivering 120% of what we promise, so drop a note to us.

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Telecom, Energy, Finance and Mass Production sector experienced colleagues will accompany to you in your digital transformation journey for reach your targets easily.

Our Premium Services

We design responsive and adaptive Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or hybrid apps, that combine the responsive, native feel of an iOS or Android mobile app with the scalability and interoperability of a web app. PWAs include features like push notifications, easy social sharing and superior indexability.

We are a full-stack software development company. Our back-end developers are experts in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and SQL, as well as frameworks like Django and Laravel, while our front-end designers know their way around JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.

The innovations behind software are just as critical as the software itself. Executives don’t need to code (their developers may insist they don’t!), but must understand leading development practices to determine the right approach for the company. According to McKinsey’s software-maturity diagnostic framework, 15 practices across five stages define the software-development life cycle, and world-class companies typically excel in a majority of these areas.

Our industry software experts have years of experience building business automation web solutions for a number of verticals. We use custom APIs and our mastery of web services to build web-based automation services for applications like inventory control, digital marketing and customer relationship management.

We build both commercial e-commerce websites designed to optimize customer satisfaction and drive sales, as well as internal web apps for aiding in business automation. Leveraging our partnerships with Magento and Shopify, we can develop and integrate digital storefronts, shopping carts, catalogs and payment solutions using their platforms.

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