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Client Famous Gas Company in Turkey
Production Date April, 2019
Used Skills Python, VBS, .Net, PostgreSQL, DOM

Project Description

Keeping local prices from various websites that is collected/updated daily in our database.

Our assistive service which tracks local price changes daily is essential for Oil and Gas companies who aims/needs/wants to analyze/track/observe and report price points(?)/prices. Allows access to accurate and up-to-date information with the help of the application that reports daily price updates.

Maximizing your profits by tracing competitor price district by district.


Project Features

  • Data collection from websites
  • Simplification/linearization of the data
  • Categorization of the data for accurate reporting
  • Daily reports
  1. Categorization and collection of data from websites with Python
  2. Data recording with PostgreSQL
  3. Tracking and generating appropriate reports with VBS and .Net
This service is aimed at companies who
Sell Oil and Gas companies within Turkey
Want to determine suitable prices
Maximize profit
Want to track competitors

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